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It's tough out there right now

Seems like there’s change happening everywhere. It’s frustrating and disempowering, and here’s why …

Uncertainty is distracting

Elements like team structure, cultural norms, individual roles, and the nature of the work are all in flux.

This unpredictability diverts your attention from the present. It stops you performing at your best.

It's unrewarding and frustrating.

It affects everyone

Everyone becomes entangled.

Balancing supporting others, while ensuring the progression of your own career can often seem like an insurmountable task.

The people you usually look to may also be under pressure or distracted.

It's hard to balance.

And ... everything else

Add to this the escalating cost of living and a constrained labor market, and you have a recipe for a feeling of powerlessness.

Possibly mild panic.

Sentier Consulting - Organisational Coaching - Melbourne and Online

This is not a place from which wise decisions are made

The Sentier Confident Career Decisions program can help you make confident career decisions

To make good decisions, you need clarity

Clarity is powerful

It means you make confident decisions because you’ve:

Clarity means you avoid

Sentier Consulting - Organisational Coaching

Ready to take charge
and build a fulfilling work life?

Getting clarity is not always simple

Allocating time and space for contemplation can be beneficial. However, without a structured framework or methodology, you may find yourself trapped in repetitive thought patterns.

Attempting to navigate these challenges solo can be limiting, as our subconscious often constrains our thinking. We tend to dismiss unconventional options – our most ambitious dreams and passions – settling instead for familiar, less inspiring ideas.

This tendency hinders our ability to carve out our unique path. Excessive mental energy is spent prematurely filtering our ideas through a lens of realism and practicality.

The internal voice that whispers doubts like ‘I could never achieve that’ stops us from envisioning a work and life balance that truly resonates with us. 

And having a work life we love. 

You need to take charge

A solution exists. 

Engaging in conversations compels us to articulate our thoughts, which can significantly aid in identifying our priorities. Doing this with a thinking partner offers:

– a focused conversation on you

– reflective listening 

– non-judgmental feedback 

This enhances this process. It means we structure our thoughts and aspirations, and it helps us recognize the unhelpful stories we tell ourselves.

Participating in a well-established coaching program can be transformative. It not only helps in breaking free from these self-imposed narratives but also leads to a deeper understanding of what we truly desire for our lives. And how we can explore our potential. 

Many people have doubts about their ability to find fulfilling work. They think it’s an unattainable goal.

They feel compelled to react to external circumstances, and patterns rooted in past behaviors.

Yet, there’s an underlying awareness that they are not fully realizing their potential.

What do people say about our personalised coaching

The Sentier Confident Career Decisions Program will help you get the clarity you need, to find your pathway.

This is only for people who want to take control and create advantages from the situation they find themselves in.

If you’re done with being reactive, and you’re ready to take charge, this is for you.  

The total value is normally over $3,000.

But take action now, and you can get clarity and confidence for only $1,995 +GST.

This is a limited time offer – book now to avoid missing out.

Start 2024 with confidence that you can take whatever comes at you, and that you’re in control of your career. 

Discover what's holding you back, and take a step towards achieving your goals

Clarify your Goals

Separate the WHAT from the HOW to set goals which are true to you

Change your Mindset

Break down the stories you tell yourself and overcome self doubt

Agree your Actions

Identify 2-3 actions that are going to have real impact

Create Accountability

Pressure test the actions and get clear on your commitment

Frequently Asked Questions

1:1 coaching helps you organise your thoughts, so you can make confident decisions.

You’ll get insights into your motivations, a new awareness of some of the stories you tell yourself that hold you back, and ways to manage these better.

This will all help you make confident decisions about your career, saving you time and worry.  

You’ll get a workbook to record your thoughts and insights, as well as the results of a Strengths Finder survey results, an optional 30 min check in call between sessions. There’s also direct email access for 6 months, and a BONUS session if you sign up before the end of 2023.

We recognise that the program is a significant investment that you’re making in your future. 

The pre work will get you thinking about some of the areas we’ll explore in the sessions, and it means we can use our time together in the sessions to get to the heart the issue.

This will mean you’ll get more insights and clarity. 


Doing some work now to figure out your aspirations and parameters now will mean you’re much better placed to make good decisions if and when the time comes.

Having a clear sense of what your priorities are will make any future decision making much easier. 

There is still enormous benefit in figuring out your personal professional pathway. 

By re-affirming you’re in the right place, doing the right work, you can then focus on the work, without worrying about whether you should be looking for new opportunities!

The program could also highlight to you some new areas you might want to explore, and give you the confidence to step in to new opportunities. 

This is an investment you’re making in your professional fulfillment, so you should think about it in terms of the long term benefits. Spending this time now will set you on the right pathway. 

For the sessions, it’s important to treat the time like you would any other important appointment. We’ll set the session times up at the start to give you certainty, and you can change the times up to 48 hours prior.

This program is exclusively for ambitious individuals who want to invest in themselves to take control. There’s more info about our Organisational Coaching programs here, and contact us to discuss tailoring to your situation.  

Of course. Contact me to discuss options. 

Sure. Investing in yourself is an important step…but if you want things to be different, you have to do something different! Don’t let this opportunity slip down your to do list – jump in. There’s even a money back guarantee if you don’t get the clarity you want!

Who's behind this Course

Meet Liz Mackevicius

Here’s a little about Sentier Consulting, and how I got to be working with people like you to figure out how to achieve a rewarding work life, explore your professional potential and realise your goals.

I was stuck in the grind, feeling like I was waiting and hoping for a life and a way of working that didn’t leave me burnt out.

I was constantly wishing I had more time to do the things that made me feel alive – exploring the world, adventuring in the wild and following ideas that piqued my curiosity.

I truly believe that having someone to help me work on me made all the difference to finding my path – working with people to realise their potential, and create sustaining and fulfilling work and ways of working. I’d love to work with you to find your pathway.

Sentier Consulting - Liz Mackevicius

I am so positive that Confident Career Decisions will bring you a HUGE return on investment. That’s why I have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply take the course and if you don’t feel you’ve gotten more out of it than you paid, email me within 30 days and I’ll refund your full investment.

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