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You want to be a supportive leader, an effective operator, an impactful thinker … but you’re frustrated by the demands on your time, constantly jumping from one thing to another, never really feeling calm or in control.

Sentier Consulting - Leadership Coaching

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day … stuck in the details, rushing, pushing, surviving to the next deadline. Promising next time it will be different

Sentier Consulting - Leadership Coaching

Maybe you’ve tried tools and systems to organise your time better. Tried to create new habits. But without someone to hold you accountable, and the knowledge that you’re on the right path, it hasn’t stuck.

Sentier Consulting - Leadership Coaching

Or maybe you’re not sure exactly where it is you’re aiming for … you’re wondering ‘what is my niche? What is the thing I’m here to do, which really makes the most of my strengths and I find fulfilling’.

Sentier Consulting - Leadership Coaching

Suddenly weeks, months, maybe a year has gone past and you realise you’ve been doing a pretty good job. But deep down you know you’re reacting, floating, and not achieving what you’re capable of – the things that make your heart sing.

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Organisational Pathway Coaching

Sentier’s Organisational Pathway Coaching program is a three-way partnership between the client, the organisation, and the coach, to identify a pathway for the client to achieve their potential. The program is unique to the client’s situation, and aligned to organisational objectives.

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About Sentier

I was stuck in the grind. I was waiting and hoping for a life and a way of working that didn’t leave me burnt out. I was constantly wishing I had more time to do the things that made me feel alive – exploring the world, adventuring in the wild and following ideas that piqued my curiosity.

Sport was always important to me, and discovering a love of running in the mountains helped me realise that what I really wanted was to explore my potential –  across all aspects of my life. I love variety and the intellectual challenge of work, but I thought  ‘there has to be a way for work to let me be the real me – I don’t want to just follow the same path from here to retirement.’

Liz Mackevicius - Sentier Consulting

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