Why outsourcing is a good thing

It’s just over a year since I started Sentier.😳 There’s been trialling ✅ erroring ❌ and learning  💡

I started out doing everything myself. There are tools, youtube videos, tutorials for just about everything, including building a website. 🤓

So I did.

The thing I built did the trick, but it was clunky, inconsistent, and just looked rubbish. 🤦‍♀️ I got frustrated, and spent endless hours trying to fix it. It wasn’t working.

So a few weeks ago, I hired an expert. Melanie Morschel has taken stress out of my life and allowed me to spend my time doing things where I add the greatest value. 🥳

I’ve learnt the benefits of a specialist, and when it’s a good time to use one. Outsourcing is for important investments. You brush your own teeth, but still visit the dentist regularly 🪥

(special shout out to my urban economics pals – productivity from specialisation at work!)

Your career is an important investment. Working with someone who specialises in thought processes, decision making and career planning has huge benefits 😎

Here’s why.
1. You get the answer quicker

Doing it yourself takes far too long.

I could have continued to incrementally edit my website, sucking my mental energy and time. Melanie turned it around in a week.

The reality is if you think all you need is time and space to make big career decisions, your progress will be slow.

Coaching accelerates your thinking.

2. You spend your energy on part you know best. You 🧘‍♀️

Working with Melanie meant we both did the bits we were good at.
In coaching, you stop thinking about thinking.

You don’t constantly question whether you’re doing the right things, asking the right questions, following the right method. I provide the process and you can relax, knowing you’re doing the right work.

I do the process, you do you.

3. Accountability makes behaviour change easier ⛰️
Doing hard things is hard.

I had dawdled on writing FAQs for months, despite knowing they would add value. Melanie needed them in 2 days. I did them in 1.

Together, we can overcome barriers in your way. You don’t have to do it alone.

4. It helps you come up with clear goals 🎯

I knew I wanted my site to look clean and consistent. But Melanie asked me questions to get clearer on it (colours? buttons? menus?)

Having vague goals is easy (eg: I want to enjoy my work) but in coaching we get way more specific. About activities, feelings, processes…

This specificity gives you better parameters for decision making – you narrow down what you’re looking for, what your red and green flags are.

You make better decisions because the paradox of choice is reduced.

You don’t need clear goals to get started, you just need to know you want to change.


Outsourcing to a specialist will help you build the foundations of your new life. If you don’t know where to start, I can help.